You will not be entitled to use the kitchen except to make tea or coffee, unless you have booked self-catering accommodation. If you have booked bed and breakfast accommodation, you are expected to eat your lunch and dinner outside the home. However, some hosts will permit “light kitchen use” by prior arrangement only. This is normally restricted to microwave use, boiling pasta or reheating of ready meals and not major cooking such as frying or roasting. If your host permits light kitchen use, you should first discuss what time you may use the kitchen, which will depend upon the host’s schedule, and it should only be used to prepare your own meals. Please do not invite friends to eat with you. You will be expected to wash all dishes, pots and pans and clean the kitchen thoroughly after use. If you need to keep food in the refrigerator, please ask your host’s permission and restrict it to small quantities, and please do not store or eat food in your bedroom without first checking with your host. You are strongly advised NOT to bring food which requires refrigeration from your home country, as there is no guarantee that your host will have the space to store it. Please note: it is illegal to import meat products into the UK.