What is Co-living?

Co-living is a new way of living inspired by the old, with community and collective experiences at its core. Starting with the basics, it offers shared spaces such as a bar, restaurant, gym*, library, laundry, roof terraces, hot desks and more. Using this space to bring everyone together, we are creating collaborative and fun environments that expose members to new people, new ideas and new experiences.

Specifically, what kind of common spaces do you have?

We have three themed dining rooms, a library, a games room, a cinema, the secret garden, a sauna and spa, a roof terrace and the laundrette. Then, every floor has a shared kitchen. Finally, on the ground floor, we have The Common, a restaurant, a bar, a gym* as well as The Hub and the lobby - all great places to hang out or work.

Who is co-living for?

If you’re a native Londoner, it’s your new scene. If you’re new to London, it’s your home away from home. If you're an entrepreneur, it’s your future network. Co-living is for anyone who values community and convenience and is ready to embrace a new way to live.

How many private rooms are there?

There are 546 rooms at The Collective Old Oak, spread out across 10 floors.

How much does it cost?

We have a range of different rooms at different prices:

  • Ensuites start from £240 per week up to £250 per week.
  • Studios start from £285 per week up to £295.
What is the difference between your room types?

We have two main room types on offer, the ensuite and the studio:

  • Ensuite: This room comes with a private bathroom and a kitchen that is shared with one other member.
  • Studio: This room comes with a private bathroom and your own private kitchenette.

Premium rooms can also be found on the top three floors and offer views of the city.

What is included in the price?

Your all-in-one monthly bill covers council tax, utility bills, wi-fi, access to the gym (free membership after a £50 joining fee), room cleaning, linen changes, access to communal spaces, community events and our 24/7 on-site team to help make your experience as amazing as possible.

I want to move in. How do I secure my room?

You can secure your room online, here.

We will need a £500 holding fee and £100 admin fee. The holding fee is fully refundable at the end of your membership, provided no damages have been incurred. There are no extra hidden fees.

What sort of events can I expect to happen when I move in?

We have a huge amount of things going on at The Collective Old Oak, from yoga classes, film nights, running clubs and live music as well as partner events. Most events are free to attend and are a great way to meet new people and learn something new!

Can I host my own event?

We have a huge range of different spaces from the library and secret garden to the games room, cinema and dining rooms, all of which can be used to host events for other people in the building. Just speak to the community team and they can help you out!

How do I pay my rent?

Rent can easily be paid automatically each month via direct debit on the first of the month. This will all be set up when you sign your rental agreement. Ultimately, we want to make living in The Collective as easy as possible for you. If you move in halfway through the month, you’ll only pay for those days rather than the whole month.

Can I decorate my room?

Make yourself at home but please don’t hammer anything into the wall. Any damage incurred will come out of your deposit when you leave. Please speak to the front desk who will provide the right adhesive hangers and non-marking white tack free of charge.

Is my room cleaned and my linen changed?

Yes! We have an entire team dedicated to exactly that. Room cleans and linen changes are once every two weeks. All the common spaces are cleaned everyday. You'll be given a schedule so you can plan ahead.

What is the length of stay?

We offer membership lengths of nine and twelve months. Please do note that the price of the room may vary. For more information on the latest room rates, please visit our booking form at https://www.thecollective.com/co-living/old-oak/

What happens to my membership if I want to leave early?

If you want to leave before your membership ends, please let us know and we can try to help you find someone to take your room. However, ultimately it is your responsibility to find someone to take over your membership.

Are there rooms available for couples?

Yes, there are rooms available for couples, starting at £305 per week for a studio.

Can I have friends to visit and stay?

This is your home, so yes! If they want to stay in your room, they can do so free of charge. We just need them to sign in. We also have a couple of guest rooms (£60 per night) that can be used so your family or friends can have a room of their own when they visit you. Just speak to the front desk.

Is there 24/7 security?

Yes, during the day (8am-8pm) the entire team is on site. Outside of these hours, we have dedicated security on-site who will be contactable in an emergency.

Will someone be able to sign for my parcels if I am not there?

Yes. Our front desk team will be on-call to sign for parcels that arrive when you’re out. Then, come by to pick it up when you're back in Old Oak!

Am I responsible for changing the lightbulbs?

Nope. Our in-house maintenance team is there to fix anything from a lightbulb to a chair leg and anything in between. If you encounter any problems just let someone know at The Hub and we’ll make sure it’s fixed.

What are the fees to move in?

To book a room, there is an admin fee of £100 and a deposit of £500.

Is there a curfew?

There is definitely no curfew, but we do ask you to be respectful of the people that live in the building. We have a quiet hours policy that kicks in after 10pm from Sunday to Thursday and 12am on Friday and Saturday.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately not.

Is there parking on site?

We don’t have any parking on-site, but we do have Zipcars that can be rented. As part of our partnership with Zipcar, Collective members will have their first year’s subscription free and enjoy two bonus driving hours.

Do you accept DSS and/or JSA (Jobseeker's Allowance)?

Unfortunately we cannot accept people on DSS and/or JSA.

Do you accept students and/or seniors?

Of course! Students and seniors are more than welcome as long as they share in the community’s values.

What are the sizes of the different rooms?
  • Ensuite Rooms: 9.2 sq. m. + 5.8 sq. m. shared kitchenette
  • Studios: 12 sq. m.
  • Shared Ensuite: 13.4 sq. m. + shared 7 sq. m. ensuite bathroom with shower
  • Shared Ensuite with Kitchenette: 16.5 sq. m. + shared 7sq. m. ensuite bathroom with shower
What is the size of the bed?

Our beds are queen-sized, which means the mattresses are 60 x 80 inches (152 x 203cm).

Is the laundry facility free?

You will need to pay to use the washing machines and dryers with a prepaid card. We also have a partnership with Zipjet should you need anything dry cleaned.

Do we have extra storage?

We have a partnership with Lovespace who provide storage for our Old Oak members. If you choose to become a member, visit The Hub for more information.