English food may be different from what you are used to. It may be necessary for you to adapt to the new flavours or way in which food is cooked. It is unlikely you will be provided with bottled (mineral) water as most British families drink the tap water, which is safe and palatable. Dinners will usually consist of meat or fish with vegetables (unless you have requested to stay with a vegetarian family) followed by dessert, fruit or cheese and coffee. If there is anything you particularly dislike or cannot eat, please discuss this with your host or us. If you should require help with homework, please do not bring books to the dinner table. It is better to ask for help either before or after meal times. Lunch is not provided either on weekdays or at weekends unless special arrangements have been made in advance. Please do not take any food from your host’s kitchen without asking first. Your host will provide you with the meals booked but this does not include snacks throughout the day.